Thursday, April 7, 2016

Skycomet is back

So... This blog is active again. I'll post something soon. The posts on this blog will come in when I become inspired to talk about something, so they will not be posted everyday. Also, I am currently preparing for graduation from college in May, so for now my time is limited. But I started this dormant blog back up due to a need to express myself freely. I don't know if this interests anyone but: 1. Why am I calling myself Skycomet the Fallen Angel? Well, when I was a young child, in 1997 (I think) a two-tailed comet called Hale-Bop, awed me and has left a lifelong impression on me. As for "sky", that is actually a humorous story. A long time ago I was calling myself simply "comet" but then someone in a chatroom commented that my name made them think of laundry detergent . 😓 Lol. And "fallen angel," as a child I was a devoted Christian. At 16 my faith shattered like a stained glass window hit by a tornado. So, in a way I feel like an angel that has fallen from heaven... Metaphorically speaking. 2. What am I studying? I am about to graduated with a BS in Psychology with a minor in neuroscience. My current plan is to pursue a PhD in neuroscience and go into research in Neurobiology/ Behavioral Neuroscience. That's it for now.

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