Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are You Going To Hell? Take the quiz to find out!

Okay... So this quiz will determine whether you are headed toward "heaven" or "hell." The questions put herein are based upon various Christian beliefs about sin as they have manifested themselves throughout the centuries. Prepare yourself! Chances are fairly good that you're not going to "be saved!" If you answer yes to EVEN 1 of these questions... then you're GOING TO HELLL!!! MWAA! HAA! HAA!!

1. Are you Catholic?
2. Are you Protestant?
3. Do you believe that the bible is the NOT the "literal word of God?"
4. Have you ever worked or done chores or homework on a sunday?
5. Have you ever fallen asleep in church?
6. Have you ever missed a church service for a reason other than illness or family emergency?
7. Do you watch MTV?
8. Do you watch Youtube?
9. Do you practice witchcraft?
10. Do you have any non-christian relatives?
11. Do you listen to rock?
12. Do you listen to rap?
13. Do you listen to Jazz?
14. Do you listen to Secular Classical Music?
15. Do you listen to hip-hop?
16. Do you listen to techno/ electronica/ dance/ europop?
17. Do you watch hollywood-produced movies?
18. Have you ever danced?
19. Have you ever sung anything other than Christian Hymns in church?
20. Have you gone to festivals/ fairs/ amusement parks?
21. Do you smoke?
22. Do you drink?
23. Did you have sex before marriage?
24. Did you kiss on the mouth before marriage?
25. Did you hold hands before marriage?
26. Did you kiss on the cheek before marriage?
27. Have you had sex with more than 1 person ever?
28. Are you gay/ lesbian/ bisexual/ transgender/ questioning?
29. If you're a girl: Have you ever worn pants?
30. If you're a girl: Have you ever worn skirts that show anything above your ankles?
31. If you're a girl: Have you ever worn anything shorter than long-sleeve shirts?
32. If you're a girl: Have you ever worn a bikini?
33. Have you ever used birth control/ contraception?
34. Have you ever had an abortion?
35. Are you a liberal, Moderate, or Democrat?
36. Do you support democracy?
37. Do you believe in evolution?
38. Do you believe in science in general?
39. Do you believe in "gay rights?"
40. Do you read the Bible?
41. Do you listen to "Christian Rock" "Gospel" or "Praise?"
42. Are you Buddhist?
43. Are you Hindu?
45. Are you Muslim?
46. Are you Jewish?
47. Are you Pagan?
48. Are you Mormon, Jehovah's Wittness, or Non-Denominational Christian?
49. Are you Atheist?
50. Are you Agnostic?
51. Have you ever been texting in church?
52. Are you a Democrat?
53. Are you a Liberal?
54. Do you think slavery is a bad thing?
55. Have you ever been drunk?
56. Do you believe in women's rights?
57. If you're a woman: Have you ever sang or spoken in church?
58. If you're a woman: Have you ever gone to church without a hat or head covering on during services?
59. Are you in an interracial or different religious marriage?
60. Have you smoked pot?
61. Have you watched porn?
62. Have you mastrubated?
63. Do you have any images of the virgin mary, crucifixes, nativity scenes or angels in your home?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're going to BURN!!! HA! HA! HA!
But don't worry! I think that about 90% or more of all people living today will be there with us!