Friday, September 2, 2016

My Life - Update - September 2, 2016

Every once in a while I will give a short update on what is going on in my world. This is just so that readers who want to know a little more about me can do so.

I have graduated college and now have a bachelor's degree in psychology. Sadly, as many of you probably know, the job market in this harsh world is not particularly friendly to young people fresh out of college. Lacking the experience that many older people well established in our field have, we are so easily overlooked.
I'm trying not to get discouraged.

For now, I focus on the long list of things I wanted to do in college but had no time for (like writing in this blog, for instance).

A lot of my older posts can be a bit juvenile, because I was much younger when I wrote them. You will find that my opinions on and approaches toward many things have changed.

Until the next time I come up with a topic for writing, I bid you all adieu.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Skycomet is back

So... This blog is active again. I'll post something soon. The posts on this blog will come in when I become inspired to talk about something, so they will not be posted everyday. Also, I am currently preparing for graduation from college in May, so for now my time is limited. But I started this dormant blog back up due to a need to express myself freely. I don't know if this interests anyone but: 1. Why am I calling myself Skycomet the Fallen Angel? Well, when I was a young child, in 1997 (I think) a two-tailed comet called Hale-Bop, awed me and has left a lifelong impression on me. As for "sky", that is actually a humorous story. A long time ago I was calling myself simply "comet" but then someone in a chatroom commented that my name made them think of laundry detergent . 😓 Lol. And "fallen angel," as a child I was a devoted Christian. At 16 my faith shattered like a stained glass window hit by a tornado. So, in a way I feel like an angel that has fallen from heaven... Metaphorically speaking. 2. What am I studying? I am about to graduated with a BS in Psychology with a minor in neuroscience. My current plan is to pursue a PhD in neuroscience and go into research in Neurobiology/ Behavioral Neuroscience. That's it for now.