Friday, February 19, 2010

Omnibenevolent, The All Good God

One of the biggest contradictions of the Christian God that turned me AWAY from Christianity was the inability to make God "all-good." It didn't matter what argument I tried. They ALL fell to pieces in front of me. I could name a million examples of the HORROR that is the fault of an "all-good God," yet... as I sat waiting in the light of a dying sun in the far Western sky for a ride to come. I remembered a particularly horrific atrocity committed by this "good God." I remembered Her... Sophie Rose. It had been a couple months since I had thought about her. But the horror of the way in which she died brings her back to my mind from time to time. And I KNOW it was "God's fault" [if he existed that is] because his "intelligent design," his "perfect creation..." brought a tiny baby into the world with a horrible defect that would make it impossible for her to live past infancy. A defect that no one knew about, until it was too late.


She was a beautiful little puppy...
and she was mine... my first and only dog belonged solely to me. You can argue [if you wish] that her death was a curse upon me by God for being an atheist, but I would argue... why would a good God sacrifice an innocent life just to watch me suffer?

SOPHIE ROSE... I have no pictures of her... only a memory. But I did find a picture that resembles her a lot on the internet. I could tell, because to this day, her tiny image is burned into my memory.

This Post is a Pet Owner's Memorial to a Young Life Lost in Dreadful Way:

SOPHIE ROSE was born in spring of 2007. She was a little mischievous girl full of spirit. I only saw the true her once, about 2 weeks before I brought my puppy home.

She recieved a vaccination for Canine Distemper about a week or so before we picked her up. That, it would seem, turned out to be the nail in her coffin.
Unknown to us... my little puppy had a severe immune deficiency disorder. It was like she was a dog born with HIV. When we picked her up, we all attributed her lethargy and quiet behavior to the trauma of being brought to a new home.... we were wrong.

It's amazing how quickly a life can impact your own. I only knew my dog for 3 days... yet... I have a host of memories to look back on.

I remember watching her sleep on a couch pillow that I brought upstairs for her while I took a shower, and the attempt she made to play when we brought her home, despite how sick she was.

We knew something was wrong by day 2 and she was running a fever. We took her to the vet where she was diagnosed with the devastating and fatal disease CANINE DISTEMPTER.

For those of you that don't know, distemper has 3 stages:
1. Gastrointestinal - the dog vomits and has diareah and won't eat.
2. Respiratory - the dog develops pnemonia like symptoms and can be heard wheazing
3. Neurological - the Last stage... the one in which death happens... the dog has severe pain and seizure after seizure.

My dog went through all of these as we tried desperately to save her life. I remember sobbing as we rushed the poor little baby to the emergency pet hospital on the 3rd day after we got her. She was so sick by then that she was running a high fever and wouldn't respond to much... and she wasn't walking anymore.
They kept her overnight and did everything they could... but they couldn't save her
by the next morning we were brought in to sign the papers to put the 8 week old puppy down.

I will remember my last look at her forever. In the arms of the technition who would euthanize her. I couldn't bear to watch the procedure so I bolted out of the room.
I will remember that last glance forever...
and from time to time...
I remember a little puppy that changed my life in 3 days.

But to be honest... I cannot say that a omnibenevolent god would do such a thing to a little baby dog. So I say... it was a freak of nature... there was no god to kill her... it just happened.

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